Monday, April 18, 2011

Soul Surfer

Has anyone seen "Soul Surfer" yet?  I went to see it with my church youth group Sunday night.

It was such a great movie!  Really amazing!  But, when I think about Bethany's story...her life, one word comes to mind: inspiring.  Completely inspiring.

This is the real Bethany Hamilton and the girl that played her in the movie, Anna Sophia Robb.

"I don't need easy.  I just need possible."

"I think that if I can help people find hope in God, then that was worth losing my arm for."

"I believe in God.  I don't mean I believe in Him like a person might believe in, say, gravity or the sun coming up in the morning.  Those are just facts that don't mean anything.  I mean I REALLY believe in God."
P.S. Not my photos.


  1. No, I haven't seen it. I wanted to see it when I first heard about it, but I've read some pretty negative reviews.
    Is it really good?

  2. I can't wait to see it! Our youth group is going to see it soon! I've read Bethany's books and they are amazing! :) You are so right. She is inspiring!

  3. Emily Grace- Hm...that's odd. I thought it was great! The only negative thing that I could think of from the movie is that all the girls are in bikinis. There's not any inapropriate words or scenes. And it's very Christian, which I loved! :)

    Allie- Oh neat! I didn't know Bethany had books. I'll have to check them out. :)


  4. I saw it last Saturday. It. Was. AMAZING. I loved it. And I only cried ONCE! Ha.
    --Love MCat

  5. i actually HAVE seen it! i went to see it the premiere night...and i cried. so inspirational and amazing that she gave God the glory :)

    -anna :)

  6. I saw it Sunday night, too! Loved it ;)
    I want to read her books, too!

  7. Loved it, of course! As well as this quote:

    "I think that if I can help people find hope in God, then that was worth losing my arm for."

    So true... after going through a rough season of our lives, when we look back, we realize it was worth it if it helped us know God better or help others know Him better. =)

    It's odd that people are giving this movie negative reviews because of the characters wearing bikinis in a Christian film. I think the reason that people do love this movie so much (including the nonbelievers) is because of how real it is, not a cheesy Christian movie with the characters following strict standards that turn nonbelievers away from Christianity. We have to reach them on their level so they'll realize that Christianity is most importantly about having a relationship with Christ, not about following a religion. Bethany Hamilton is a strong Christian and she still wears bikinis.

    I think we should look at the movie as an uplifting and inspiring Christian film that can reach both the youth and adult culture, nonbelievers as well as believers. I tihnk there should be more movies like "Soul Surfer", actually!

    Anyways, glad to see that you enjoyed it as well. =)

  8. Saw it. LOVED it!!!! Posted about it: It's a great movie!

  9. I'm glad you all enjoyed the movie as much as I did! :)

    Tessa- I know what you mean and completely agree! I was surprised and so happy when I realized they weren't taking God out of this amazing story. I, too, wish there were more movies like "Soul Surfer."


  10. Hi Katie, I'm a new follower and I really like your blog! :) Great post, I really want to see this movie soon! I agree, her story is so inspiring! She shows that anything is possible!