Monday, March 22, 2010

The "Black Stuff"

I recently started wearing mascara. Momma said that since I'm 16 now I can start wearing it if I want to. :) So, tonight, I just finished washing my face and I was using a light colored washcloth. And I noticed, when I looked at the washcloth, after I had finished scrubbing my fash clean, some of my mascara had rubbed off on it. I had a flash back then, to when I was little. Sometimes I'd take baths with my mom and I'd notice after she finished washing her face there'd be black stuff on the washcloth. And I thought tonight, holding my washcloth, "Ah... I have "black stuff" on my washcloth! I'm growing up!" LOL!

You as a teenager looking back on my younger years of childhood, I'll sometimes remember the little things more clearly than the big events. Like I remember coloring and watching "Lion King" with Daddy. Waking up in my Gigi and Grandaddy's living room to see light peaking through the sheet they had hung in the kitchen doorway so they wouldn't wake me. Jump roping in my driveway with some of my friends on my birthday. Taking baths with my mom and scrubbing her back... And then seeing the "black stuff"on her washcloth. Weird, huh, who those little things are stuck in my memory.

So....I wish you all a good night, my friends! Sleep tight! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spell It Right, Please!

Guess what! I think this is kinda don't laugh! ;) When I'm writing my name in cursive, a lot of the time I will accidently leave out the "i" in my name and go straight from "t" to "e." And then I'll just stare at my mistake and wonder, "Now how do I fix this?" It's quite irritating. I have one of the easisest names EVER! Katie Dawn Lake. Why can't my right hand get it right is my question..?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet 16!

My birthday was on Thursday. I turned 16 years old! Quite unbelievable. We went out to eat that night at Norman McDonald's. I love that place! My mom surprised me with taking beautiful flowers out there before we got there and making our table "special." :) And I got a free piece of turtle pie. It was so yummy! I also recieved a few gifts that night:
*"Sound of Music" (love that movie!)
*My very own coffee mug! It's green (my favorite color)! :)
*A T-shirt
*"Sleepless in Seattle"
*"Sweetwater Run" by Jan Watson
My party was just last night. The house was full of people! We had such a good time! My aunt brought a karaoke machine which was a BIG hit. We had lots if food! And we did gifts and also just hung around the houes talked. My brother, Zachary, made a slideshow of pictures put to music of me. It was awesome! Love you, Zach! :) We also did gifts and cake and ice cream. I had my very first Walmart cake! Heehee! It was very yummy! Here's some of the gifts I recieved:
*A lap top!! Yayy!!
*iTunes card
*A new wallet
*Target & Maurices gift card
*Candy :)
*Scrapbooking stuff
*A new watch & matching bracelet
I had such a fabulous Sweet 16! Thanks go to all who made it happen! Signing out for tonight... :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What are your talents?

On Friday we have a girl's Biblestudy at my church. This past Friday we talked about our talents. Not just the ones that first come to your mind...but also little ones nobody thinks about. Like walking dogs...or riding a bike. So, I thought I'd write a blog post about my talents, big and small, and thought you could tell me some of yours. :) So, feel free to comment.

Katie's Talents
*Sign Language
*Music...fiddle, singing
*Writing (a little lol) ;)
*Doing dishes
*Folding laundry
*Photography...taking pics and editing them
*Studying and doing my homework

(By the way, these are in no particular order. lol)