Friday, March 14, 2014

so today...

[or rather three days ago...]

so today i start this new thing called
"not being a teenager anymore."
sure is a strange feeling.
does this mean i need to start acting like an adult?

i heard this song sunday morning
and i really want it to be my anthem
in this new year - and throughout my twenties.
(agh! not used to saying that!)

"i could hold on, i could hold on to who i am
and never let you change me from the inside.
and i could be safe, i could be safe
here in your arms and never leave home,
never let these walls down.
but you have called me higher,
you have called me deeper,
and i'll go where you will lead me, LORD.
where you lead me."
--all sons and daughters

so hello twenties.
i welcome you.