Sunday, April 29, 2012


You know those books?  The "Where's Waldo" books?  I love those books.  In fact, I was nicknamed by a friend one time for that very reason.  But, I'm getting off subject...

God gave me Waldo.  And I wanted to tell you how.

As many of you know, I'm approaching my high school graduation.  In the fall I'll be a full time college student.  It's no secret that I'm really excited.  And also a bit nervous.  One of the reasons I'm a bit nervous is because of my schedule change.

For the past two years I've attended our community college with my brother and we have been truly blessed to be on the same time schedule with our classes.  This coming semester, though, will bring a change to that.  I'll be taking four classes, verses his two.  Which means I'll be out there a lot longer.  We both have different jobs.  My sister has a job.  My mom has a job.  We only have one vehicle.  To share.  I started getting a bit frantic.  "How is this going to work?  I can't keep the truck for the entire day while I'm at school.  What if Mom's in a meeting and I have to get to work?  Or Annie has to get to work and Zach has to be picked up from school?  This is going to be crazy!  How is this going to work?"

I started thinking about my options.  And, me being me, I worried.  A lot.  I thought that maybe I could get another part-time job in the summer to cover the expense of buying my own vehicle.  "But what if I can't get a job anywhere?  What if this doesn't work out?"

"God, I need a car!"

One Sunday morning in late March I sat in church and listened to my pastor talk about being satisfied.  And, more than that even, trusting God with everything.  And through that complete trust, how peace follows.  I decided that day to give it all to God.  That my worrying wouldn't change my circumstance.  That it wouldn't bring me a vehicle.  I realized that I thought I needed a car.  I don't need a car.  I wanted a car.  Sure, it would definitely make life a bit easier.  But I'm sure we could probably figure out a way to get by without one.

"God, I trust YOU.  I trust YOU."

The very next day...and I'm talking the very next day, my daddy tells me my aunt has called and that she suggested I borrow Grandma's car.  She's unable to use it anymore and it's just sitting in her front yard.

God is just overwhelming sometimes, you know.  The way He works in and through us for His glory.  It's overwhelming.  And completely amazing.

My grandma and some other family members gave the okay (Big, huge thanks to them!  *hugs*) and my parents brought Waldo (My twelve year old brother, Logan, gave the car it's name.  He said it sounded like Volvo.) home.  It needed a bit of work done.  Due to a sunroof leak there was some mold and water under the carpet.  It went to get cleaned...for over two weeks.  Which was a definite test of my patience.  But whenever I got stressed or anxious about the situation, I could hear God whispering to me, "Katie.  Calm down.  I've got it.  I'll get you through."

We brought Waldo home to stay on Wednesday.
 My little flip flop air freshener.
Waldo is my blessing.  My big, amazing blessing.

{Thank you to Annie for taking some of the photos.}

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

click, click

I realized the other day that it has been quite a long time since I've taken any photos.  Today I had some down time and snatched up my camera and headed outside for a mini, impromptu photo shoot in my front lawn.  Aren't those the best?
Hello spring.  I love you.  A lot.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

le happy

converse high tops
the color red
funny accents
downton abbey season finale
prayers answered
dress shopping
summer break quickly approaching
lovely cards in the mail
warm weather
checking items off your list
music...lots of music
this photo...
What's making you happy today?

{Post idea from Jocee.}

Thursday, April 12, 2012

this thing called life

My mom and I ordered my graduation invitations the other day.
I've been looking at different cap and gown combos.  Hm...I'm thinking green.
Senior photos were captured over the weekend.
Full time college schedule quickly approaching.

This thing called sure is moving fast.  Part of me is immensely excited.  The other part?  Well it just wants a moment to breathe.

I wrote in my prayer journal today..."Thanks for being in control!"  It sure is a relief.  I don't have to carry all this adult-ish stuff on my shoulders.  God's got it all taken care of.

With no worries to bog me down I think I'll...
So that when I go to bed at night I can easily say...
and that...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

his death and resurrection

‎I will not boast in anything, no gifts, no power, no wisdom. But I will boast in Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection. What should I gain from his reward? I cannot give an answer. But this I know with all my heart, his wounds have paid my ransom.
"How Deep the Father's Love" 

In Christ we are indeed.
Happy Easter Sunday.

Friday, April 6, 2012

new obsessions

Before I start this post, let me just say...I know I am way late.  Many of you, I'm sure, got hooked on these things a long time ago.  But, bear with me.  Just let me ramble on about how awesome they are if you will. ;)

the hunger games
I first heard about this book a couple years ago.  And, I've gotta admit, I judged before I read.  "Kids killing other kids?!  Say what?"  But, when the movie started getting big, I watched the trailer and thought, "Hmm...I might actually like this."  Like a typical book nerd, I had to read the book before I went to see the movie.  A fellow co-worker let me borrow the first one...and, my entire family can vouch for me, it was like I disappeared for three days.  I was hooked.

Annie and I went to see the movie a couple days later for her birthday.  I think they did a super job.  But, also typical book nerd, I liked the book better.

So, I know the question you're all asking... Peeta or Gale?  Well...despite the fact that I'm sure every girl in the entire world is a Peeta fan, I am too.  I can't help it.  Haha!  What about you?

I have yet to read book two.  I think I may wait awhile.  No need to disappear again, eh.  Plus, I'm like number 30 in the hold list at the library.


downton abbey
I heard a lot about this show before I ever watched it.  It was circulating at work and I was reading about it on the internet so, I put myself on hold for season 1.  Annie and I set down to watch it one night and, wow, I loved it!  It wasn't really what I was better.

Favorite character?  Mine is probably different than most of yours.  But that's okay.  I really like Mr. Bates.  He is just such a nice guy.

I have season 2, after much patience, but have yet to start it.  I can't wait to see what happens next!


Since we're talking about obsessions...I'm going to throw in this music video that I love.  I drive my brother crazy by playing it over and over again in the car.  Great song!

Okay, I want to hear from you.  Any new obsessions?  Do you share any of mine perhaps?