Thursday, April 12, 2012

this thing called life

My mom and I ordered my graduation invitations the other day.
I've been looking at different cap and gown combos.  Hm...I'm thinking green.
Senior photos were captured over the weekend.
Full time college schedule quickly approaching.

This thing called sure is moving fast.  Part of me is immensely excited.  The other part?  Well it just wants a moment to breathe.

I wrote in my prayer journal today..."Thanks for being in control!"  It sure is a relief.  I don't have to carry all this adult-ish stuff on my shoulders.  God's got it all taken care of.

With no worries to bog me down I think I'll...
So that when I go to bed at night I can easily say...
and that...

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  1. Cute post! :) And I can definitely relate to the whole college thing. It's crazy but so exciting/terrifying at the same time.