Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Does anybody else have an incessantly squeaky bed?

Me!  Me!  *waves hand frantically*

That is until I found a way around it.  Yes, you don't have to ask, I found this idea on pinterest.  Haha!

It was mainly my headboard that gave me the most trouble.  My bed frame was old and passed down.  Some of the screws were missing from different places and it'd rattle.  I found this picture on pinterest a couple months ago and was inspired.  A headboard made out of barn wood? How cool!

I was going to do a step-by-step process on how to make this, but after seeing how difficult it was...  Well, I take that back, it's not so much as difficult as it requires a lot of man power.  My daddy and brother, Zach, are super guys, let me tell you.

But I will give you a brief description of how we went about creating my new headboard... First I had to find some barn wood.  My grandparents happened to have some laying around their farm, so I was able to get mine for free.  Which was outstanding!  After we cut it the right length, we went out and bought a big piece of plywood.  I went ahead and painted my plywood black, just in case some of it happened to show through the cracks.  After that, we nailed each piece of barn wood onto the plywood individually, in order to make one big board.  It worked out really nicely, but also ended up weighing a ton.  Hence, the man power.  My dad then nailed two two-by-fours onto the plywood to make legs for support.  He nailed these into my wall, pushed my bed up against it (after my old headboard was removed), and twa-da, I have a new headboard!

Here's the finished product:
I have to admit, the first night it was done, I didn't sleep so well.  I was so afraid it would some how come out of the wall and squish me.  Zachary made the joke that I'd then be "Flat Katie" "Flat Stanley".  Lovely brothers... ;)

But, the nails have done their duty and held fast.  I'm now sleeping peacefully without a rickety headboard.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

all the difference

Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water
Because of the way I believe
Like...I believe I was made for a purpose
That I'm here for a reason
All I am is because of HIM
And that's made all the difference

I'm not one who likes to stand out
When I do I get nervous
But then I learned something
I was made to stand out
It's one of my purposes
And that's made all the difference

I am a fish out of water
I wasn't made for this place called Earth
It's who I am, and how I live
But more than that
It's Who I'm living for
He's made all the difference

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Doctor Who

This is completely my sister's fault...for getting me hooked on this television show.  Well, that, and seeing it on pinterest all the time.

Here's how it started.  Annie found this new-to-her TV show on Netflix and just started going crazy about it.  Whenever she tried to explain it to me, though, it'd go something like this...

"There's a bunch of different doctors because they can regenerate themselves.  They're the same, but they look and act different.  And they're called Time Lords and travel in a time traveler called the TARDIS which is disguised as a telephone box and nobody knows his name, the doctor, and it's a crime to abbreviate must be spelled out.  And such-and-such was born in his future and time travels back to meet him in his past... And it's just amazing!"

"Say what?"

Finally I had to just try this whole Doctor Who thing for myself.  And three episodes later I couldn't get enough.

Anybody else a Doctor Who fanatic out there?  I'm only on season two, so please, no spoilers.

Who's your favorite Doctor?  I quite enjoyed Doctor #9.  I thought he was...well...fantastic. ;)
But Doctor #10 is definitely starting to grow on me.
As is Rose.  I wasn't such a fan of her at first.  She frustrated me.  But I've gotten used to her and I think she goes well with The Doctor.
So, yes, I'm now a Doctor Who fan.  I'm looking at T-shirts on ebay and weighing the pros and cons of asking my parents if I can paint my door TARDIS blue.  We shall see.