Tuesday, August 21, 2012

all the difference

Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water
Because of the way I believe
Like...I believe I was made for a purpose
That I'm here for a reason
All I am is because of HIM
And that's made all the difference

I'm not one who likes to stand out
When I do I get nervous
But then I learned something
I was made to stand out
It's one of my purposes
And that's made all the difference

I am a fish out of water
I wasn't made for this place called Earth
It's who I am, and how I live
But more than that
It's Who I'm living for
He's made all the difference


  1. I love this! Did you write it? I feel the same way... I don't like to be the one to stand in the spotlight. But that is the reason why we're on this earth. To stand out. To make a difference.

    Thanks for this reminder, Katie!

  2. loved this. great job, lady! xx.

  3. loooooove this. did you write it?

  4. Yes, I did write it. One of those little bursts of inspirations while on my break at work. ;) Thank you all!

  5. Super Great! Reaaaallllyy like it!

  6. oh i do love this, katie! it's wonderful.

  7. Great Poem! Following!