Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Doctor Who

This is completely my sister's fault...for getting me hooked on this television show.  Well, that, and seeing it on pinterest all the time.

Here's how it started.  Annie found this new-to-her TV show on Netflix and just started going crazy about it.  Whenever she tried to explain it to me, though, it'd go something like this...

"There's a bunch of different doctors because they can regenerate themselves.  They're the same, but they look and act different.  And they're called Time Lords and travel in a time traveler called the TARDIS which is disguised as a telephone box and nobody knows his name, the doctor, and it's a crime to abbreviate must be spelled out.  And such-and-such was born in his future and time travels back to meet him in his past... And it's just amazing!"

"Say what?"

Finally I had to just try this whole Doctor Who thing for myself.  And three episodes later I couldn't get enough.

Anybody else a Doctor Who fanatic out there?  I'm only on season two, so please, no spoilers.

Who's your favorite Doctor?  I quite enjoyed Doctor #9.  I thought he was...well...fantastic. ;)
But Doctor #10 is definitely starting to grow on me.
As is Rose.  I wasn't such a fan of her at first.  She frustrated me.  But I've gotten used to her and I think she goes well with The Doctor.
So, yes, I'm now a Doctor Who fan.  I'm looking at T-shirts on ebay and weighing the pros and cons of asking my parents if I can paint my door TARDIS blue.  We shall see.

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