Monday, July 30, 2012

while at work...

Last week, Tuesday evening to be exact, one of my coworkers, Sharon, came up to me before she got off and asked me to do her a favor.  Her summer reading program was the next day and the kids were going to be learning how to draw.  But they were also going to be making creations with their fingerprints using stamps.  So, Sharon asked me to test each stamp to make sure it was good and inky for the children.  I must have looked a tad bit dumbfounded because she confirmed that yes she really did want me to stick my fingers in the stamps and test them.  When I finished I left her note telling her which ones worked best.  And just out of impulse, I signed my name and then put my thumbprint beside it. job is awesome.


When I'm around my family, specifically my sister, I've learned to answer not only to Katie, but to Annie as well.  The same thing has occurred at work.  Only I'm called Rachael instead.  I've never met Rachael.  She left before I got there.  But apparently I'm a lot like her, both in build and mannerism.  And, I confess, after hearing about how much I was like her several times I finally looked her up on facebook.  There's definitely a resemblance.   I'd love to meet her someday and go up to her and say, "Hi, I'm Katie, but I'm often mistaken for you."


Many of my coworkers have commented on my hair in the last week after having it colored.  Most people say I look even more like my mom.  *grins*  But this one fellow, Ryan, worked the night shift with me one day last week.  It was probably two and a half, maybe three hours into our shift when he looks over at me and suddenly says, "Do you have a red streak in her hair?"  
I laugh and answer, "Yeah."  
"I guess it was intentional...?"  
I laugh again, "Yep."  
"I've been sitting here with you all night and I just now noticed!"  
Then one of our shelvers walks by and Ryan says to her while gesturing to me, "Is her hair different?"  
Right off the bat she answers, "Yeah she got highlights."  
It was really quite funny.  Good times...good times. 

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