Sunday, July 22, 2012


I've been coloring!

No, not with crayons, markers, or paper.

What then?

Well...with my hair!

I have always had a bit of a fascination with red hair.  My hair is a little naturally strawberry blond anyway, but those girls that have the full head of red, natural cool!  My aunt recently got a dark highlight put in her bangs, and it, well, it inspired me.  Why not try the same thing with red?

So I did!

Yesterday afternoon I spent two hours in the hair salon.  It was the first time I've ever colored my hair, and it was quite an adventure.

{Sorry that these are blurry.  They're iPod pictures.}

Don't worry... I waited a good two weeks before making the appointment and spent a lot of time thinking about it.  I made absolutely sure I really wanted this put in my hair.  Haha!
Here are a couple pictures of the finished product.  I really love it!  And so does my mom...which is really saying something, because she was pretty nervous about the whole ordeal.


  1. hahah, you and your sister are so cute during the whole thing. it looks great! (:

  2. looks awesome!!! i love it!

    God Bless,
    Gymnastic Freak (from R.A.D Group, you can check it out here if you want: