Sunday, July 8, 2012


This is a book that I like to affectionately refer to as my scrappy-journal.  (Scrapbook + Journal = Scrappy-Journal)  All it is really is an ordinary composition notebook.  At least it was when I bought it.  Clearance at Walmart...can't beat that!  When I got it, I made a pact with myself that I wasn't going to be a perfectionist.  I was going to cut and tape and scribble...even be messy if I felt like it.  And that's what I've done.  As you can see, it's bulging with creativity.  And it's incredibly easy, so I thought I'd show you how to do it.

(Oh, before I go any further, I know the quality of some of these photos isn't the best.  They were hurriedly snapped in my darkish room.  My apologies.)

(Oh, very random side note...I just happen to be grooving to the Tarzan soundtrack right now. ;) )

Okay, back to my journal.  I thought I would do a very brave thing and let you see inside.  On one condition.  No making fun, okay?  Sound good?

My first couple pages are book lists.  I love to look back and see old titles I've read and remember the stories.  Plus it helps me keep up with how many books I've read in a month/year.
I like to write funny quotes that I find on pinterest...things that just plain describe me.  And I also tape or stick things that I find places.  Like the stickers below.
One of my most treasured pages is the one below.  I made it for one of the dearest people I know.  Emily is my pen pal and best friend.  We met over blogger a year and a half ago, and someday we'll meet in person.  I just feel it in my bones.  So I made a page with things we want to do when we meet.
After a couple months of taping and sticking, my journal started to get...well a bit fat.  I didn't want anything falling out, so I grabbed a heavy duty hole punch from my mom's office and punched a hole in each side.  With a couple pieces of ribbon I'm able to tie it up.  It works very nicely.
Not only do I like to put funny things in my book, but also little pieces of inspiration.  Quotes, song lyrics...things I find on pinterest or other blogs.  Things I simply want to remember.
The page below happens to be my most recent.  "All the time God is writing a bigger narrative."
I also have a summer bucket list, old movie tickets, my birthday and graduation invitations.  I used a few pages for people to sign at my graduation ceremony.  I have my first "I Voted" sticker in there.  A seashell I got in Florida last year.  And an origami frog that I made.  Random...and yet special things to me.


  1. That is so cool, Katie! It is so creative and cute. I want to try that.:]

  2. How amazing is that? What a fun, cool, inspired, great, (add a few more words), idea! And I love the “it's bulging with creativity” sentence. ;)

  3. A few things I noticed:

    1) You're adorable.

    2) I want a "scrappy-book" NOW.

    3) Your handwriting is perfection. I'm serious.

  4. I'm honored!

    And...I love you so much Katie! So glad your my best friend! :)

  5. I've been meaning to comment on this post for a while. But gosh, I love this! What a great idea. I love journalling and scrapbooking. This would be such a great thing to look back on later in life. =)

  6. You give me special idea on my wedding! Thanks.