Friday, June 29, 2012

summer is

summer is... letting the 105 degree weather dry my wet hair.
summer is... being barefoot.
summer is... reading for hours, just because you can.
summer is... wearing sunglasses.
summer is... eating frozen yogurt with friends.
summer is... laying in the grass.
summer is... writing to your heart's content.
summer is... getting letters on daisy stationary.
summer is... beautiful.

What is summer for you?


  1. Summer for me is hot, fun, awesome, chill time, sleepovers with friends, unfortunately not endless :P

    glad you're having a fun summer :)

  2. Summer is...HOT, hanging with friends, doing new things, riding and BEING FREE!;]

  3. summer is... all of that and more. like singing and sleeping and laying out in the sun and swimming and eating icecream and drinking lots of water and...


  4. Yes, summer is oh so beautiful! For me, summer has been reading lots too, snapping away with my new camera, soaking up the sun, and having fun with my family! :)