Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thank you, Lord for...

{in no particular order}
  • answered prayer.
  • exceeded expectations.
  • my one of a kind, amazing family which includes:
  • my daddy, who puts everyone else first and is always there when I need him.
  • my mama, who always gets up from what's she's doing to give me a hug and always reads my school papers before I turn them in.
  • my brother Zachary, who still gives me hugs even though he's 15 and helps me with all my technical problems from changing a light bulb that's too high for me to reach to fixing my iTunes.
  • my sister Anna (or Annie, or Annie Beth), who listens when I have a stinky day, who will sing and dance with me at the drop of a hat, and who is my best friend in the world.
  • my brother Logan, who is always willing to do me a favor, who will be able to pick me up some day, I promise, and who can always make me laugh.
  • new friends.
  • girl's days out with my sister.
  • my besties. <3
  • good listeners.
  • people who understand perfectly when I expect to be the only one.
  • music.
  • good books.
  • my coworkers.
  • soft tissues.
  • cranberry sauce.
  • particular mocha's.
  • independence.
  • unlimited texting.
  • my warm bed (even though it squeaks sometimes).
  • chorded songs on the internet.
  • my camera.
  • Your word...that gives me exactly what I need exactly when I need it.
  • love.
  • my Jesus.
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Don't forget to remember all the things you're thankful for. 

Isn't this^ cute. ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Authentic Me

I'm joining in with Abigail's blog party over at her blog, Rear Window.  You all should really check it out!  It involves great giveaway prizes, awesome random questions, and meeting new people.  How could one go wrong? ;)

This is me.  I am Katie.

1} What's the nerdiest/geekiest/weirdest thing about you?
Oh goodness.  Nerdy: I still use the old fashioned yellow pencils that are apparently really outdated.  Mechanical pencils and pens are all the rage these days. ;)  Geeky: I skip.  Like around my house.  Weird: Apparently to several random people, when I'm just sitting, not really doing anything or thinking of anything...just sitting...I look really bored or half asleep.  Yep, I'm a certified nerd/geek/weird-o.  Haha!

2} If you could live in a fictional universe from any book, movie, or television show, what would it be?
Narnia!  That would be amazing.

3} Little or big, practical or frivolous, what is one of your favorite items in your house?
My trunk that sits in a corner in my bedroom.  It's the keeper of all of my special items.  Medium sized, practical, and one of my favorite things.

4} Do you like animated movies? If so, what is your favorite?
Love, love, love animated movies!  And I have so many favorites.  "The Lion King" is my favorite oldy.  "The Little Mermaid" is my favorite princess.  "Tangled" is my favorite new one.  (Speaking of "Tangled", it just so happens to be on right now.)

5} What is your favorite household chore?
Hehe...urm...none.  Naw, I don't mind cleaning...too much.  Probably cleaning my room is what I mind doing the least.  I guess 'cause it's my own space.

6} What's your favorite thing to get at Starbucks (or your favorite coffee shop)?
Ooo!  I have actually just recently become a Starbucks fan.  I've been doing the "coffee from the coffee pot in the kitchen" thing for a long while and then took my first trip to Starbucks about a month ago.  Tall white mocha = new found love. ;) 

7} What is your favorite pizza topping?
Cheese.  Lots and lots and lots of cheese.

8} Waffles or pancakes?
Waffles, please.

9} Do you like to play games? If so, what is your favorite?
Yes.  I enjoy board games and card games best.  I like Apples to Apples, Kimps, Spoons, Clue...

10} Have you ever let anyone win a game?
Yes again.  I'm the oldest of 4 so it happens.  Tehe ;)

11} Have you ever dyed your hair?
Nope.  My hair color is all natural.  Now my curls...not so much.

12} Do you make your bed every morning?  Not even close.

13} Picasso or Norman Rockwell?
Norman Rockwell.  I actually wrote a paper on him for art class last semester.  I really quite enjoy his paintings.

14} Do you like carpet, tile, or hardwood floors?
Carpet.  I have tile in my bedroom and it gets cold in the winter sometimes.  I really like the warm, homey feel of nice carpet.

15} If you could put one thing in a safe under your bed, what would it be?
Probably all of my photos safely burned to CDs.  They're like my history...or perhaps my way of journaling, and I look forward to showing them to my grandchildren some day.

16} What's your favorite condiment?
Ketchup.  I'm a fan of ketchup.

17} Have you ever thrown up on someone (excluding when you were a child)?
Hahaha!  This is so gross.  No, I don't believe I have.

18} What was the last thing that made you laugh?
"You should know that this is the strangest thing I've ever done!...How 'bout best two out of three?" -Flynn Rider, "Tangled"

19} Think fast...what's the first song that pops into your head?
"Closer to Love" by Mat Kearney

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I'll be posting my 'thankful' post in the next day or on the look out. ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I apologize that this is nearly two days late.  Time just got away from me yesterday.  So, instead of ending on Monday of next week it'll go 'til Wednesday. :)

Here's my entry:
iLove raindrops on roses

I also want to enter Emily Grace's growth photo challenge.  ^This photo was taken today and the one below was taken several months ago.  I love to see how I grow in my photography abilities! :)

Okey dokey, here we go!

  • One photo per blog/person.
  • The photo must be taken by you.
  • Please link back to my blog with the button above or a link.
  • Keep your photography pleasing to the Lord.
  • Have fun! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm a girl.

I originally was going to post something different today.  Something different from what I'm writing right now.  But this is something that has been on my heart for the past few weeks and I felt like being really transparent with you all about it.


Yep.  Aren't they just so complicated sometimes?  I'm 17 going on 18 in a few months and I've watched myself really change over this year of being 17.  I'm becoming a young adult (scary!), getting more privileges...growing wings. And for most of us girls, relationships almost come hand-in-hand with becoming an adult.

I've committed to not dating.  I'm a girl who doesn't want to give a piece of myself to a dozen boys before I find Mr. Right.  I'm a girl who wants to be pursued.  I'm a girl who is going to court.  I'm a girl who is pure.  I'm a girl who is going to wait for my wedding day.  That's who I am.

Over the past month or so, it's really hit me that I am growing up.  That I've committed for years to wait until I'm old enough to start a relationship and that I'm nearly 'old enough'.  I'm starting to desire having a guy in my life.

Then I heard this song last Sunday morning at church.

 You are my supply
My breath of life
And still more awesome than I know
You are my reward
worth living for
And still more awesome than I know

All of You is more than enough for all of me
For every thirst and every need
You satisfy me with Your love
And all I have in You is more than enough

You’re my sacrifice 
Of greatest price 
And still more awesome than I know 
You’re the coming King 
You are everything 
And still more awesome than I know

More than all I want
More than all I need
You are more than enough for me
More than all I know
More than all I can say
You are more than enough for me

He is all I need.  I'll still desire to have a husband one of these days.  But I learned that I don't have to have one, because I am more than content in my Lord.  He is more than enough!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

iLove Favorites

Hello all!

Since we had a smaller group this time I thought I'd go ahead and post all the photos that were entered.  Thanks you all for linking up! :)

Anna from God's Tomboy

Carli Nicole from Reflections

I was unable to save and post DG's photo but head on over here to check it out as well.

Thanks again everyone!  Your photos were lovely and I really enjoyed looking at them all. :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Senior Pictures

Can you believe it?  I'm a senior in high school this year.  O_O  With my dad being a photographer I have the opportunity to do some neat things with my senior pictures.  We were able to take some at the beach while we were on vacation.  I was so happy about that! 

Last weekend I was off work so we did some things on the backdrop and then downtown around the rustic brick buildings.  My mom and I both decided it would be neat get some pictures throughout the different seasons.  But I wanted to post a small sample of what we did at the beach and last weekend.  Here are some of my favorites:

{Warning!  Lots of pictures ahead.}

This is one of my favorites. <3

And I love this one too. :)

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite?

Monday, November 7, 2011


Hello strangers!  It feels like it's been a while.  Haha!  Well, welcome back to iLove!

Here's my entry:
iLove my sister.

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  • Keep your photography pleasing to the Lord.
  • Have fun! :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Heaven Is For Real"

"Heaven Is For Real" is an incredible book about a little boy's journey to heaven and back.  His dad, Todd, tells his story.

The first time I saw this book was on vacation in a Barnes & Noble bookstore.  I picked it up, read the back, and immediately decided I needed to put myself on hold for this book at the library when I got home.  Well I did and I was about 6th or 7th in line for it. 

When it finally came in, I reluctantly gave it up to my mother who requested to read it first.  I was, after all, in the middle of another book at the time.  I ended up finishing my book about a day later and picked up "Heaven Is For Real" to start on my break at work.  Well, let's just say I was mesmerized for about a day and half.  *Shhh!*  Don't tell my mom.... I took breaks during school to read.  *sheepish grin*

I don't want to give too many spoilers, but the Sunday after we sang two songs in church that have a profoundly different meaning to me now: "It Is Well With My Soul" and "You're Beautiful" (Phil Wickham).

"And Lord, haste the day, when my faith shall be sight
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll
The trump shall resound and the Lord shall descend
Even so, it is well with my soul"

"I see Your face, You're beautiful, You're beautiful, You're beautiful
I see Your face, I see Your face..."

This book is a must read in my opinion.  It left me with no doubts, a strong, renewed faith, and a longing for the day I'll someday be in Heaven hanging out with Jesus.  

Has anyone else read this book?  Thoughts?