Thursday, November 17, 2011

iLove Favorites

Hello all!

Since we had a smaller group this time I thought I'd go ahead and post all the photos that were entered.  Thanks you all for linking up! :)

Anna from God's Tomboy

Carli Nicole from Reflections

I was unable to save and post DG's photo but head on over here to check it out as well.

Thanks again everyone!  Your photos were lovely and I really enjoyed looking at them all. :)


  1. Hi Katie, I'm afraid you got the wrong link to my photo so I'll give you the real link:
    Thank you!!! :D

  2. DG: Oh, sorry about that! I pasted the wrong link. Whoops! It's fixed now though. :)


  3. oh yay! so glad you liked it; all these photos are wonderful!

  4. lovely photos! all of them are gorgeous!