Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet 16!

My birthday was on Thursday. I turned 16 years old! Quite unbelievable. We went out to eat that night at Norman McDonald's. I love that place! My mom surprised me with taking beautiful flowers out there before we got there and making our table "special." :) And I got a free piece of turtle pie. It was so yummy! I also recieved a few gifts that night:
*"Sound of Music" (love that movie!)
*My very own coffee mug! It's green (my favorite color)! :)
*A T-shirt
*"Sleepless in Seattle"
*"Sweetwater Run" by Jan Watson
My party was just last night. The house was full of people! We had such a good time! My aunt brought a karaoke machine which was a BIG hit. We had lots if food! And we did gifts and also just hung around the houes talked. My brother, Zachary, made a slideshow of pictures put to music of me. It was awesome! Love you, Zach! :) We also did gifts and cake and ice cream. I had my very first Walmart cake! Heehee! It was very yummy! Here's some of the gifts I recieved:
*A lap top!! Yayy!!
*iTunes card
*A new wallet
*Target & Maurices gift card
*Candy :)
*Scrapbooking stuff
*A new watch & matching bracelet
I had such a fabulous Sweet 16! Thanks go to all who made it happen! Signing out for tonight... :)

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