Monday, March 22, 2010

The "Black Stuff"

I recently started wearing mascara. Momma said that since I'm 16 now I can start wearing it if I want to. :) So, tonight, I just finished washing my face and I was using a light colored washcloth. And I noticed, when I looked at the washcloth, after I had finished scrubbing my fash clean, some of my mascara had rubbed off on it. I had a flash back then, to when I was little. Sometimes I'd take baths with my mom and I'd notice after she finished washing her face there'd be black stuff on the washcloth. And I thought tonight, holding my washcloth, "Ah... I have "black stuff" on my washcloth! I'm growing up!" LOL!

You as a teenager looking back on my younger years of childhood, I'll sometimes remember the little things more clearly than the big events. Like I remember coloring and watching "Lion King" with Daddy. Waking up in my Gigi and Grandaddy's living room to see light peaking through the sheet they had hung in the kitchen doorway so they wouldn't wake me. Jump roping in my driveway with some of my friends on my birthday. Taking baths with my mom and scrubbing her back... And then seeing the "black stuff"on her washcloth. Weird, huh, who those little things are stuck in my memory.

So....I wish you all a good night, my friends! Sleep tight! :)

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  1. Katie...I think this post is one of my favorites! I laughed and wanted to cry at the same time b/c time is moving so quickly and you will be out and on your own before I know it. But, I also know that's how it's supposed to be, right? I love you SO SO much...and am happy for you and your "black stuff"!! :)