Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Purity Ring

I've had my purity ring for, oh, about two or three years now.  I love it!  It's simple, but I find it beautiful.

More than that, though, it's meaning is so special to me. <3

I have lost misplaced my ring...er, numerous times.  I could tell a bunch of stories...Ha!  But, so far, I, or other people, have always been able to find it again.  And when I meet 'the one' I intend to tell him how much my little ring went through.  Hehe ;)

I saw these really neat photos on Eldarwen's blog of her purity ring and wanted to kinda try it myself.  I guess you could say she inspired me. :)  Anyway, I love how they turned out and wanted to share them with you all.  One is even set as my laptop screen saver at this moment.

What do you think?

Hope everybody has a great week!


  1. Beautiful, Katie! The focus is awesome. =)
    I was just wondering, what camera do you use?

  2. Ooh, these pics are so cool! I got a purity ring from my parents for my last birthday, and I love it. I never go a day without it now. :)))

  3. Very pretty! There's a purity ring I found online that is beautiful called "Saved Heart" that I have been wanting for a while now... trying to save up, considering it's around $75 I think? :)

  4. They're gorgeous, Katie!! I love them!! =D


  5. Thanks everybody! :)

    Emily Grace- I use a Canon20D (dunno exactly how to space that...lol). My daddy is a professional photographer and when he upgraded I got his old camera. I don't know all of it's gadgets and tricks just yet, but I love it! :)


  6. These pictures are GORGEOUS! Loved the idea! Have a great day :)