Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{Mirror Me} Photo Contest Winners

Again, thank you so much to everyone who entered!

Now, are you ready to know who won? :)

Coming in third we have...

Miss Kellie Ann from A Maiden's Musings!  Congratulations! 

You win delicious gingerbread scented lotion and body wash!

Coming in second place we have....

Mikayla from Mikayla: My life in words and photos!  Congratulations!

You win Danielle's custom made template!


Our first place winner...

Drum roll please...

*dun dun dun*

(Yes I'm stalling on purpose. ;) )

Jenn from Unoriginal Originality!  Congratulations!

You win Hannah's 'Whole Shoot 'n Match' blog design!

beauty free blog designs

Ok, winners, I need ya'll to leave me your e-mail address in a comment (I promise I won't publish the comment if you don't want me to.  Just say the word.) and I will be contacting you.  And I need you to claim your prize sometime in the next two weeks, please. 

Thank you so much, again!  You all are amazing! :)


  1. Yay!! Congrats to the winners! All the photos are beautiful. =)

    -- Taylor

  2. I agree! These pictures are fabulous! :)

  3. This contest was so much fun, Katie! :)


  4. Wooooow. This is so incredibly exciting. I honestly did not expect to win. Thanks so much Katie!! And awesome job to everyone else!