Thursday, November 11, 2010

New "Do"...Plus a Special Thanks

I got my hair done today! I really feel like a new person. Haha! ;) I got it cut, permed, and got my brows waxed.

Anyway, wanted to show you my new look. :) What do ya think?

Good-bye hair... I got about 5 inches cut off.

And the finished product...*drum roll*...twa-da! Do you like it? I know I do!
Now...if all you're thinking is "Whoaa...poofy!" some of that will go away. ;) lol

I think this picture is my favorite one. :)

I want to say thank you BIG time to my awesome brother, Zachary, who took these pictures of me. And not only that, but put up with my clothes changing and girly poses. ;) But! It doesn't stop there! Ya know the picture of me laying in the yard? Zach got up in a tree to take that! Yes, you read right...a tree! So, thanks again Zach!

But, as much as I'd like to brag on my brother, I have a few other very special people to thank as well. Today is veteran's day. And I'd like to recognize the amazing men and women who have served and are serving currently for our country (my Daddy included). *applause* Thank you so much!!

This song by Mark Schultz is really great! Please take a few minutes to listen to it. God bless! :)


  1. It's GORGEOUS! I seriously love this.
    Just a question: Have you read The Sierra Jensen Series by Robin Jones Gunn?

  2. So pretty! I also love your sweater in the second picture!

  3. You look more like your mommy with that hair:-) You are a very pretty young lady.

  4. Thank you all! I really like how it turned out. :)

    Amber: No I haven't... But I have started reading the Christy Miller series by her. :)


  5. Hey Katie! I think its awesome you're reading the Christy Miller series. I asked about Sierra Jensen because you kinda remind me of the description of her ;)

  6. Amber, that's very cool! Thank you! I'll have to go check 'em out at the library sometime. :)