Thursday, November 4, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

Danielle tagged me! Thanks girl! :)

(Now...I must admit before I start this. I never shop at these stores...with the exception of Bath and Body Works. lol And a few of them I had never heard of and had to google. :P Just wanted to clarify. Hehe)
Charlotte Russe or Forever 21? Forever 21
American Eagle or Aeropostale? American Eagle
Hollister Co. or Abercrombie and Fitch? Hollister Co.
Costco or Sam's Club? Sam's Club
Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle? Bath and Body Works
TJ Maxx or Marshall's? TJ Maxx

Fast food or meals at home? Meals at home most definitely!
Chocolate or vanilla? Oooh don't even have to think about this one. Chocolate!
Coffee or hot chocolate? Coffee :)
Tomatoes or avocado? Tomatoes
Cake or ice cream? Hmm...hard one. And depends on the flavor. But probably cake.
Yams or potatoes? Potatoes!! They're my favorite food! ;)
Peas or beans? I don't like either, actually. :P
Peaches or pears? Peaches
Watermelon or pineapple? Watermelon! Yum! Especially with salt.
Lemons or limes? Lemons
Pumpkin or pecan pie? Pumpkin...yummy!

Are you in public school or home schooled? I'm home schooled. :) But also attend a community college.
Science or math? Ooo...I dunno? I'm not crazy about either one. Science maybe?
Home ec. or health? I like both of these.
English or history? English
Art or new language? Art
Pencil or pen? Probably pen... :)
Wide or college ruled paper? College ruled
Scissors or hole puncher? Scissors
Glue stick or liquid glue? Glue stick...not as messy. ;)

Sandals or flip flops? Flip flops
Sneakers or boots? Ooo boots!
Hoodie or sweater? Hard one...gonna go with sweater though.
Cardigan or jacket? Jacket
Graphic T or tank top? Graphic T

Summer or winter? Probably winter...
Spring or fall? Fall! Definitely! :)
Warm or cold? Cold
Lake or ocean? Well...I've never been to the ocean... So I guess lake. I've been to lots of lakes. :)
Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
Black or white? Black
Light or dark? Light
Movies or books? Oh gosh! Hardest question yet. ;) lol Depends on the book or movie. Probably book though.
Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings? I've seen both, and love both. But I think I'll go with Narnia.
Road to Avonlea series or Anne of Green Gables series? Anne of Green Gables! One of my favorite series.
Computer or TV? Computer
iPod or MP3? iPod :)
Are you usually organized and neat or just cluttered? Probably in the middle...I do love it when my room is neat and clean but it's not always like that. lol
Washing machine or dryer? Umm...? Gonna go with dryer. Just 'cause I like the smell of freshly dried clothes. ;)

I tag: Anna, Emii, Polka Dot, Bleah Briann, & whoever else wants to do this tag. :) Have fun!


  1. oooh ooh! Can I do it? Pretty please?! LOL and I just added your button to my blog! :) ITS SOOO PRETTY!


  2. Bleah, you are officially tagged. So, go for it! Hehe ;) Thank you for adding my button by the way!

    Danielle: Sure thing! It was fun. :)


  3. Love Unawakened: Thank you very much! :)