Monday, November 1, 2010

A Few Questions from Me to You

So, dear blogger friends, I have a few questions. For you. ;) Here we goes...

#1: I am seriously considering getting my hair cut. Was wondering what you thought... This is a recent picture of me with long(ish) hair:

I found a picture in a magazine that I really liked and tried to find one like it on the internet. This one below is sorda what I'd be going for...but it's not exactly like the one I have. :)

{Not my photo.}

So... What do you think?

#2: This is a question for my more experienced than I blogger friends. ;) Almost every blog I follow has a watermark on their pictures. Do I need one of these? If I do need one, how would I make it?

#3: Does anybody else out there pick their nails when they get stressed? Random question I know...I'm just wondering. I had a test last week and...let's just say my nails are very "picked." ;)

#4: Would anybody be interested in participating in a movie quotes contest if I had one on my blog? There wouldn't be a prize...other than bragging rights. lol I want to save a giveaway for my 100th post. Which is coming up by the way, so be prepared! (This is post case you were wondering.) I just thought a movie quotes contest would be a fun thing to do, so please let me know if you'd be interested.

Please feel free to answer these in a comment or e-mail. Thank you! :)


  1. Hey girl!
    #1- I love your hair but I think that hair cut is SO cute and would look great on you! Plus, hair always grows back ;) I have gotten 6 inches off before. Haha!
    #2- I am on the same page...I want one but don't know how to make one. I am going to try looking up tutorials today and message you if I succeed!
    #3- Now that you mention it...yeah. Haha! I never noticed until you said so.
    #4- I think that'd be awesome!! Oh! Can't wait!


  2. The haircut would be very cute! I say go for it :)

  3. I think your hair would look adorable cut short!
    I don't know about the watermark things. I'm kinda wondering that myself ;)
    I actually pick my nails all the time!
    I don't watch too many movies so I'm not sure I'd get any quotes right, but I know other people love that "game".


  4. #1 - While I love long hair, I think a shorter cut would look great on you!

    #3 - Yepper. ;D

    #4 - And... YES! I think those contests are fun. :)

  5. 1. I love your hair, but it would be cute cut like that too. :)
    2. Anyone can copy your picture off the internet and use it for whatever they'd like. Even if you had a watermark and people wanted to use your photo, there are programs that can virtually hide your watermark. It's worth looking into though.
    3. I don't think I do. I spaz. lol I'll be sure to pray for whatever is stressing you out.
    4. I'm not good at movie quotes, but I'm sure it would be fun.

    Hope my 2cents helps. Cause that's all it's worth. :) Love ya Katie!

  6. You are beautiful no matter what, and hair always grows back. I've had super short and super long and all in between. That is half the fun of being a girl, isn't it? Just don't go too drastic at first if you've never short of hair. I can tell you from experience that crying over hair is so not worth it!

    I don't know about watermarks and such. I can point and click and take a picture, but that is about it:-)

    I bite my nails. It is a horrible habit. I rarely have nails, and now I can't keep them due to the projects we have going on around here. They just break...maybe in a few months I can grow some:-)

    I'm not good at movie quotes. You can ask Jamie, I don't even remember movies that I have watched. I will rent a movie and he tells me we've seen it before, but it is brand new to me. I think it is a sign I'm getting old!

  7. 1. Personally I like longer hair(but that's just me), but I like both cuts. =) And like Danille said, hair always grows back! (I've had over 13" cut off before, and it always grows back-just not always as fast as I would like =P )
    2. I would suggest a watermark. They just ensure that no one steals your photography and claims it as their own. I made a tutorial on how to make a watermark, send me an email( and I'd be glad to share it with you. =)
    3. I'm glad to say that I don't 'pick' my nails!
    4. I love participating in movie quotes quizes(but I must warn you that I'm not very good at them ;) )!
    Have a great day and God Bless!

    Sister in Christ,
    P.S. I'm a new follower and I love your blog already! =D

  8. About the watermark, Hannah Rose makes them for free, and she is really talented!

  9. Thank you! I really appreciate everyone's answers and opinions! :D I do think I'm gonna go for the hair cut. ;)

    Emily Grace: Thanks for following my blog! Welcome! :) I'm definitely gonna look into getting a watermark made. Thank you for your advice about that!