Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Humbled at DQ

I thought I'd share a little funny/ embarrassing story on myself. I'm trusting you all not to laugh at me too hard, though. ;)

As you know, I'm learning to drive and I've been practicing a lot lately and my parents have both been helping me learn and stuff. Well, I started to get pretty confident in my driving skills. (Ha!) So...after church last week I drove my sister and my mom home. It was just us...the guys had to stay late at church for something. We walk in the door and a brilliant idea pops into my head. I go over to my mom, put on my very best "pretty please" face, and ask if I can drive over to Dairy Queen and we can treat ourselves to mini blizzards. (By the way, I love the new mini blizzards!!) She says yes!

I'm pretty happy of course and get in the driver's seat and drive to DQ. It's only about 3 minutes or so from our house. I pull in and head for the drive through. There's a yellow line. I instinctively think, as a new driver, that I'm supposed to be on my side. What I didn't realize was that the yellow line was just there to section off the drive through traffic from the other cars. Whoops. I'm now way over from the speaker and have to practically yell my order. But...ya know...I cut myself some slack. It was my second time in a drive through. What would one expect? (Psst! *Warning!* It gets worse. lol)

So, after I ordered I drive on up, get over where I'm supposed to, and wait to get my mini blizzard. After I paid, the nice lady handed over half of our order and turns around. I'm getting stuff passed out and suddenly realize. I'm moving. My mom yells, "Break, Katie!" I start yelling...to the car itself, "Stop, stop!" I finally find my break...and I'm atleast two feet in front of where I'm supposed to be and have to reach back and get the rest of our order. We were all laughing so hard I had to compose myself before turning onto the street!

This shows me something though. The Lord must have a sense of humor sometimes when He's trying to teach His children a lesson. ;)

While we're on the subject of Dairy Queen... What's your favorite blizzard flavor? This is mine:

Mmmm! Yummy!

Well...I hope you enjoyed my story. ;) That's all for now. Good night and sleep tight my dearest blogger friends.

{Not my photos.}


  1. Haha! Thanks for that amusing story, Katie:P Ooh, that looks SOOO yummy! We don't have Dairy Queen here in Australia, but I'm sure that'd be one of my favourites if we did!!:)

  2. Lol! I would've done the same thing. The first time I went driving was in my neighborhood... and I sort of forgot about the whole break deal also, so I almost crashed into the garage door... yes, my heart was pounding pretty fast!

    I'm very sad because DQ used to be my favorite place (only because of their blizzards, of course!) and I would go there all the time after school. There were two of them in my area, but now there are none! =( I haven't had one in forever, but that brownie flavor looks pretty amazing...

    Btw, I tagged you! http://tessaemilyhall.wordpress.com/2010/11/20/i-was-tagged-survey/

    God bless,


  3. Hahaha! ;)
    I'm sorry you don't have Dairy Queens! :P I would so mail you both a blizzard if that were possible. lol