Friday, June 11, 2010


A couple days ago I had some of my girlfriends over and we talked about being grateful and not taking things for granted. Well...I wanted to share a little story with you that I thought was pretty relevant to this:

Yesterday (the day after I had my friends over) I was in a car accident with my mom. It was minor and nobody got hurt, but it was enough to scare us a little. A lot of the time, probably most of the time, I take my safety on the road for granted. I'm not driving yet so I usually just sit there 'til we get where we're going. I had never been in a wreck before. Until now, that is. And I am so grateful that the Lord kept my mom and I safe!

So, just remember that everything you have, every breath you breathe, the Lord's giving it to you. Be thankful.


  1. Katie, your posts are so inspiring! Keep up the amazing job! I thank God that you are all okay.

  2. Yeah, I'm glad we're ok, too! :-)
    Thank you Danielle!!