Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My life...pinned.

This post idea has been going around blogger.  I first spotted it over at Kimberly's blog and then again at Jenn's and was inspired.

As stated on previous posts, I've become a pinterest addict.  It's my new found time waster.

I'll admit, when I first heard about it I thought, "What's the big deal?  It's just pictures."  But, man, was I wrong.  I've gotten so many ideas and tons of inspiration, just from a single photo.  Yep, I'm definitely hooked.

So, without further adieu, this my life in pins.

There you have it.  If I could be described in photos, that'd be it. ;)

What about you?  Do any of these photos describe you?  And are you a pinterest addict like me?

P.S. You know that last post of mine?  About the commercial?  Well it was my 200th blog post and I totally forgot to say something.  So, yay for 200 posts!

P.P.S. I guest posted over at my super duper good friend's blog.  Check it out, if you would, right over here.


  1. great post Katie! I always enjoy looking at pinterest photos!! I wish that I could set up an account- but I don't have facebook or twitter, but at least I can look at the pictures- they are so neat to scroll through!! when I first heard of it- I was like what is the big deal with looking at photos- but I know what you mean, they really pull you in!! :) I liked the pictures you posted. I like the one with the quote on it about not doing what everyone else is doing. Great post!!

  2. I really like your pins! People say that Facebook is addicting, but I have found that Pinterest is waaayyyy more addicting. :)

  3. I loved these pics! My nifty little "pin it" button on my favorites bar was all over those pics. ;)

    I am one-hundred percent a Pinterest addict. I've only had my account since September, and I already have nearly 3000 pins. *grin*

    Are you going to ever let any of us Pinterest addicts follow you on Pinterest? ;)


  4. Alexxus: Sure! Here's the link to my pinterest:
    I already followed you. :)


  5. Katie: Awesome! Following you back. :]

  6. CUTE pictures!!!! I especially love the "dreams" one! ;) i have to resist from going on pinterest because i KNOW I would get addicted!! ;)
    God bless!


  7. I read this awhile ago and am just now finally getting around to commenting! Love these--and I love how all them together totally "look" like you.
    The 7th one is so you, and I absolutely adore the 8th. 14, 15, and 16 are spectacular and make me happy inside, and of course the last is perfect. (:

  8. I love the Starbucks picture, Katie! ;)

  9. I like especially the pink car!