Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Night Musings

I've started journaling again.  Inspired by this post, I went out and found a couple of notebooks on sale.  Who doesn't love shopping for notebooks right?

So far I've only started writing in one.  It's my new prayer journal.  I'll be honest with you...  Prayer has always been my weakest point in my relationship with God.  Which is kinda sad...communication is pretty important.  They say it's the key to good relationship.  I just seem to have this mind that likes to wander...a lot.  So I thought, why not write them down?  Plus I like to think that God is reading over my shoulder. ;)

That's just a little bit of Monday night randomness.  Or musings, rather.  What are you up to tonight?


  1. hooray for notebooks! I'd love to hear how you feel like the prayer-journalling goes for you.

  2. Last night I was up doing Chem homework. fun stuff. ;)

    I really enjoy journaling too! My favorite journals are the hardcover ones with magnetic flaps to keep them from flying open. Plus they have a pocket in the back to keep stuff too. =D
    I haven't done a prayer journal in a while--maybe I should start back up again. I kept one all through last summer while I was at camp--I especially enjoy reading back through it!

    Have a wonderful day, Katie!

    Love in Christ,

  3. I love notebooks!! And I know what you mind sometimes wanders when I'm praying so I started a prayer journal too! I like "Plus I like to think that God is reading over my shoulder." That's a really good way to put it!

  4. I have a journal and have been writing in it pretty much everyday for the last 3 months. I'm trying to get better at writing in it daily.

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