Tuesday, February 14, 2012

God reads MY journal!

If you read yesterday's post, then you know that I started a prayer journal not to long ago.  It's become my place to write anything and everything, serious or random, in conversation to God.  Yesterday I was more on the random side.  Here's part of my entry:

Hello God,
  I was thinking today...about a rather strange thing, I must admit.  I saw a photo of Jesus online today and He was in His usual attire...a long white dress thing.  And I was thinking...He'd probably be a lot more comfortable in jeans.  You know?  Just a thought...

Kinda strange.  Pretty random.  But you know what?  God read it.  He showed me that today and I just had to tell you all!

I was talking to my dad about a book he recently finished reading. "The Shack" by William P. Young.  We've become real book buddies, my dad and me.  He said that in the book the author portrayed God in a couple different forms.  And near the end God came as a man.  A man wearing blue jeans and hiking boots.  I sat there listening to this and my head kinda tilted and I was like, "Oh my gosh.  My journal entry."

Hello God,
  Happy Valentine's Day!
  So, I have to tell you the coolest thing!  Daddy was telling me about the book he just finished, "The Shack."  He said that at one point the author had you appear to the main character as a man.  Guess what the man (You) was wearing?  Blue jeans and hiking boots.  The day after I talked to You about Jesus in jeans.  Thanks God!  You made my day.

Love you,


  1. Thats cool Katie!! I've heard of the book "The Shack" I really want to read it, it looks like a good book!! Thats neat that you are starting a prayer journal, they are so effective and when I write my prayers down it makes me feel better inside, just knowing that God read it and hears me! Thanks for posting!!

  2. First off, I think it's super cool that you're using a prayer journal. And that's so awesome that you can just do little thoughts and such. "The Shack" is such an interesting book...I read it awhile ago, and though it kinda freaked me out, it was really cool too. (:

  3. that's so awesome. i love God-things (: He never fails to make my day.

  4. I hate the sterotypical Jesus-guy in a long white dress, with long brown hair, and a goatie. Who knows what He looked like?

    I think He'd be more comfortable in jeans too. (:

    This was lovely. (I also think it's great your doing a prayer journal! Awesome!)