Sunday, April 18, 2010

Women of Joy

Just got home from Women of Joy in Louisville a couple hours ago. Mom, Annie, and I went with a bunch of women from church. I had an amazing time!!

I'll tell ya what all I learned and stuff below, but first wanted to let you know who all was there. :) First of all, Sarah Palin was there!! It was awesome to hear her speak! Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith were there and each did a concert which was really neat! Some of the speakers (other than Sarah Palin) were Liz Curtis Higgs, Anita Renfroe, and Becky Tirabassi. They were awesome! The worship leader for the whole weekend was Charles Billingsley. I actually had never heard of him before. But he was awesome!! He was one of, if not my favorite of the whole weekend. So, I'm now a fan of him on facebook. lol

This was the second weekend in a row (first was the youth trip) I've heard to step out of my comfort zone, my box, and to use the gifts God has given me for His glory, #1. #2, I heard, for the second time also, to surrender my plans. Ya know the saying, "We plan down here and God's laughing up there" kinda thing? Well, right now I'm making some large decisions about my future. Decisions that will affect the rest of my life pretty much. (College...eek!) And I was thinking, ya know, what does God want me to do?? What if I become a nurse and then He calls me to something totally different, like to go to Africa, or be a writer, or go full time with my band?? And over the course of these trips I'm learning to live for today. Live for today and let God deal with whatever is coming tomorrow, next week, next year, etc. So, my plan is to go to college, and get involved in the medical field. Maybe become a nurse...or something else. And if something different happens down the road, so be it. God's in control!

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