Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Got back from our youth trip to Camp Schafer Sunday morning. I had a great time! The youth praise band, that Annie, Zach, and I are in, along with Justin, Kaela and Ryan, lead the worship music through out the weekend. It was fun, but I was kinda nervous about the whole thing too.

I had an awesome time! We went paddle boating, and played Frisbee golf. Kaela and I were on a team. We call our selves "'Da Bomb" because we bombed (as in lost). LOL But this is partly because of the very cheap Frisbee's Bro. Jamie bought. Heehee!

The last night was probably my favorite. I sat in my high school group and we shared what we learned that weekend. A few of us did, including myself, and a few of us got emotional. It was very touching... I love my youth group! :)

By the way, keep 24/7 (my band...Zach, Annie, and me) in your prayers. We're leading worship for a youth revival in Sacramento tomorrow. And I'm sharing my testimony. I'm excited that we have this opportunity, but also nervous. Praying everything goes well and lives are touched for the glory of God!

All for now...night all!


  1. I will defintaley pray for you! I am sure God will help you and I know you will do great. Your youth camp sounds so great! :)

  2. Thanks Danielle! Camp was great! :)