Tuesday, April 1, 2014

random update with lots of not very good mobile photos.

{i love how you can get on blogger after not being on for months and months and set the date back to make it look like you've been posting more regularly than you actually have. yeah...that's what i'm doing. (the date is actually 4/7/14...and this is my second blog post today...haha!)}

is anyone else totally in love with this movie? don't be ashamed...i'm twenty years old and have watched it a million times and love it more every time. child at heart? i think so.

and nursing school continues on! this is me a few weeks ago practicing my IV tubing while everyone else watched the super bowl. way more exciting than football, let me tell you. now we are on to NG tubes. oooo fun!

taking selfies in the mall...'cause we're cool like that.

my sister is the best. love love love her.

current playlist includes:
-high hopes by kodaline
-100 years by five for fighting
-let her go by passenger
-landslide by fleetwood mac
-more time by needtobreathe (and basically the entire "the heat" album)
-called me higher by all sons and daughters

current reading list includes:
-passion by louie giglio
-the fault in our stars by john green (oh my goodness. no words. can't wait until the movie releases!)
-this star won't go out by esther earl
-and of course books like medical surgical nursing vol. 1, mental health nursing, and pharmacology.

current movie/tv show list includes:
-thor: the dark world (i found it greatly improved from #1...really loved it.)
-frozen (as mentioned above, may be a little obsessed. i have every song memorized.)
-once upon a time (little bit embarrassed about this one...no judging, haha!)
-grey's anatomy, friends, and the ellen show reruns
-youtube videos on easy ways to understand ABGs and acid base (nerd?)

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