Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yes, I'm still here.

I apologize about my recent unexplained disappearance.  We spent this past week doing a major cleaning and decluttering of our house in preparation for the new school semester and decided that we'd do another technology break to help keep us focused.

I actually didn't mind it much.  Surprising, I know. ;)  But it was actually kind of neat.  Here...I'll explain why.

We didn't have our iPods, CD players, or radios.  Our solution?  We made our own music.  While we cleaned, we'd sing.  Acapella.

We didn't have our computers or wii so we played board games and cards in our free time.

I didn't have blogger or facebook so I did a lot of reading in my free time.

I didn't have e-mail, so I wrote letters to my pen pal.  I <3 mail.

But, none the less, it's good to be back.  I missed you all.

A couple of things before I hit the 'publish post' button... ;)
  • I didn't take many photos this week, but, thankfully, weheartit came through for me.  All the pictures in this post are from that website.
  • Only three more followers 'til the big 100!  When we reach that, I'll be having a photo contest with prizes to celebrate so you be on the look out for that and feel free to spread the word.
Have a lovely Sunday!


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  1. Hahahaha! I can't believe you posted about this. To funny! But it was fun. And yes it's good to be back.