Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Lion King: A Musical

"A musical?  Really?"

^This kinda sounded like me a couple days ago.  I had no idea that "The Lion King" was a Broadway show.  Until I accidentally checked out the soundtrack for the musical (thinking it was the movie's) from the library.  I immediately became interested.
I grew up on this movie.  It is so special to me.  And, plus, I genuinely love it.  So, to google I went. ;)
...and found out that the musical is playing 4 hours from where I live next August-September.  Oh.  My.  Word.  I jumped up!  And then set back down to print it out...  And then jumped up again to show my mom. ;)  And you know what...there's actually a chance I can go and see it with my dad!  Talk about excited!
So, that would be my joy moment for the week. ;)  What about you?  Any big things going on recently?

P.S. None of these photos are mine.  I got them off Google Images.


  1. Oh my WORD!!!!! :D :D Okay, so I absolutely adore The Lion King. Like you, I was raised on's one of the best Disney movies ever.

    And please oh please, if you have a chance to see the Broadway musical, DO. I saw it a couple years ago, and it was positively spectacular. It's one that I would definitely go see again. Ahh, that would be so exciting! You're making me want to see it all over again!! ;P

  2. My brother's bday is in 2 days. And me and my home school group are going skating tomorrow! Woot!

  3. I saw the musical! It was AMAZING. I hope you get to go! :)

  4. I've always wanted to see the musical!! How cool!! I hope you get to go. :)

  5. I went to see that last year, it's great! You have to go see it! :)