Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hold on to your dreams...don't ever let go.

-I bought a new pair of sunglasses.  Don't worry...I didn't lose or break my other ones.  (Score!)  I just saw these at Target and pretty much fell in love.  I may be a little obsessed....just a little. ;)

-I love my new job!  Like seriously love.  I am so blessed!
-I've been listening to Addison Road a lot here recently.  I really like their "Stories" album.  I think my favorite song is this one... (My post title includes some of the lyrics.)

-I'm a senior this year!  Whoa!  I'm really excited!  And guess what...I have my first senior meeting with my senior class to discuss senior-y things next month.  I'm pumped!  (And yes I did just fit the word senior into a sentence three different times.  Haha!)
-Bokeh has quickly become one of my fascinations.  I love it!  {Side note: I obviously totally missed my face in this photo so ignore that...I'm showing it because of the beautiful bokeh. <3}
-If you would please do me a favor and check out a one of my good friend's blogs I'd truly appreciate it...
Emily has a really great ministry and I know she'd be tickled if you checked it out.
-Whoa...what do you all think of the new blogger?  It's pretty different!  I don't know my thoughts on it yet...still trying to get used to it.
-I believe this is all for now...I hope you enjoyed my little list of things.  Have a great rest of your Wednesday.

The End

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  1. LOVE them!!! Too cutie!


  2. Oh those glasses are so darn cute!!!! I may have to snag me a pair. :)

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey

  3. Love the black and white entry and also the color version! Those are rad glasses!

  4. Very cute! I just got a pair tonight.=)

  5. Great black and white. The checkered sunglasses are perfect!

  6. I love those glasses!! I think I used to have a pair just like that! Hmm... now I'm kinda wishing I could find them, haha!