Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trust & A Misplaced Computer Chord

I wanted to share a story with you.  It may seem a little silly, but to me, it shows how awesome the God we serve truly is. :)

Well...I guess I'll start at the beginning.  My dad and brother, Zach, work at for a small shop.  They do computer work, photography, and framing.  The shop owners lent them a lap top to do some of their work on.  Recently, Dad and Zach accidentally misplaced the lap top's charger chord.  Both of them have been going frantic trying to find it over the past week.

Thought I'd give you a visual. ;)
{Not my photo.}

Yesterday I was sitting in the family room with Zachary and Annie and he mentions the chord again...asking if we had spotted it around the house.  That's when I remembered seeing a computer charger underneath my work desk today.  I run in there to grab it, and give it to Zach.  He looks at me, shocked, and practically hugs the chord.  We found it!

Ok, there is a point to this. ;)  Minutes (and I mean minutes) earlier my daddy was praying.  He asked the Lord to help him find the computer charger.  But Dad said, "I don't want to find it.  Let my children find it, so that they can trust You more."

(It gets better!)

Two days earlier... Annie finds a computer charger stuck down in the couch.  She's pretty sure it's the one the guys had been looking for, so she sets it on Mom's desk so it wouldn't get lost again.  Later on, Mom doesn't know why this chord is setting on her desk so she moves it the desk behind her...the one that my little brother, Logan, and I share.  He uses it for school in the mornings and I use it for work in the late afternoons.  The next morning, I assume, Logan goes to start his school and there's a chord on his desk, so he moves to the floor underneath the desk.  The next day, I spot it under the desk while I'm working, pick it up, and give it to Zach. 

Through this whole process all four of us kids touched that computer charger.  All four of us found it.  God was working days before my dad even said that prayer. 

It totally amazes me! 

God totally amazes me!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5


  1. Wow that's amazing! Thanks for sharing. :)
    I enjoyed reading the story.

  2. This is really awesome! God is amazing, to say the least! :)

  3. Oh my gosh that is amazing Katie! God is Good!

  4. Hey Katie! I gave you an award. :)
    Hope you like it!

  5. Danielle: Thank you very much! :)


  6. Wow, Katie! Thats amazing! :) Oh, by the way, my blog is up and running... Sort of... Anyways, come follow me!!! ;)

  7. This is incredible! I love how it turned out!!! This even helps ME to trust Him more!