Monday, January 3, 2011

Photos I Never Thought I'd Post...Plus a Tag

Megan over at Me. {That's all I have to be.} is having a photo contest!  And I'm entering. ;)  You can too...just click on the button below.  But hurry, it ends sometime this week. 

These are five photos that I never thought I'd be posting on here...'cause they're pretty awful. Haha!  Enjoy! ;)


My Christmas tree.

My sister playing volley a very blurry picture. lol

My brother, Logan, dancing. ;)

Nickel, my dog.

I tried to take a picture of myself with the 'new to me' camera my daddy gave my sister and me.  Didn't really work...Haha!  But no worries...I did get a good one!


I was tagged by Eldarwen.  Thank you! :)

I saw this tag going around blogger and when I saw I was tagged, I was excited! ;)  So here's the rules:

"Pick your favorite musical artist/ movie star/ famous whoever -- and post a picture (or two, or three, or four) of him, and what it is about him that you love, and what it is about him that you might hope for, for whoever God has planned for you for your future."

When I started thinking about who I'd choose for this tag, one guy came to mind.  He's a character in a  movie, but he's not really totally well known and the movie that I'm referring to (which I love) is not really totally well known either. lol  But I couldn't think of anyone who would be better than:

Cody Cullen (played by John Newton) from "The Christmas Card." *smiles*

What I like about Cody:

#1 (and most important): His faith in Jesus
You know how sometimes you'll think of your future spouse and you list a bunch of things you might like them to be like... Nice hair, tall, romantic, etc.  And you know how some of them might change or be crossed off?  Well this is one thing that will never be 'crossed off' my list.  And it's something that I loved in the character of Cody...he's a Christian.

#2: Respectful
Respect has always been a big thing in my house.  I learned how to say "yes, ma'am" when I was pretty little. ;)  And it's something that I admire in Cody...and in men in general.  When they call their elders ma'am and sir and treat them with respect.

#3: Courage
Cody is a soldier in the army.  Now, before I continue, I'm not saying that I really want to be a soldier's wife or anything.  I'm not saying I'm against it either.  I'm saying that I think it takes a lot of courage to fight for one's country, and I admire that.

#4: Hardworking
In the movie Cody works at a sawmill when he's on leave from the army.  He may not have loved every aspect of the job (which he didn't say) but he did
his best at the work that was given him.  He worked hard and did a good job.  

  #5: Really sweet.
I know this sounds cheesy.  But I don't care. ;)  Cody is super sweet.

So, this is who I'll tag :)
And whoever else would like to do this fun tag can too.  Please leave a comment telling me you did it...I'd love to go read yours.

Bye for now!


  1. Now aren't you glad you didn't delete those pictures? ;)

    I've seen that sister likes it. :)

  2. Amber: Thank you! ;)

    Emily: Yes I am glad! Haha!

  3. That is such a cool tag and contest! Thank you so much for tagging me! :)