Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paper Route

Just got home from the paper route. This morning was quite eventful!

First, we are driving down one of our streets; Annie's out running and tossing papers. All of a sudden she stops though and we all look at her wondering what in the world she's doing. Then we see where she's looking...she had thrown a paper and it landed on the roof of the house!! I still have no idea how she got it up there, seriously! I laughed so hard!

Second, we drop off Zach and Annie at the begining of one of the small streets and Mom and I drive down to the end of it. We came up with an efficent time saver where we ride on the outside of the van instead of having to open and close the door all the time. So that's what I'm doing. And we go down to the end and I go to get off, a little too soon...my foot didn't exactly catch me like I though it was going to and my back side meets the pavement! So...I'll most likely have a bruise there now. HaHa!

Oh and Zachary has officially nicknamed himself 'The Heart of a Warrior'. He claims that we would never be able to get through the paper route if it wasn't for his awesome skill! Ha!

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