Thursday, July 9, 2009


I baby-sat my two baby cousins today. I do every Thursday actually. =) Jace (almost 2) and Josie (3 years) are just sweethearts!

Today we were doing those little stick-on tattoos. Josie insisted that I put one on my arm too! And she also insisted that I put one of the bigest ones on my arm! HaHa!! So I have a big pink super woman tattoo on my arm! It's awesome! HaHa!

We also played outside today (just me and Jace because Josie had to go to dance camp) on their fort/ swing set. Jace climbed up on the fort and I took a picture with my phone of him and me. He said "I see!" And he points at me and says "K-K!" in his sweet little boy voice! It was so cute! =)


  1. Aww that is soo sweet! You are really lucky that you get to babysit!!! I wish I could, actually there was one little girl in VBS that told me "Your the thing I love most in the whole world!" I was so shocked I couldn't say anything! So my mom invited her over (i guess that is kinda babysitting! lol) I have known her for about a year, she is 5!

  2. Katie,

    I enjoy reading your blog! Keep it up! I love you bunches.

  3. Hey Dani! That's so sweet about that little girl!! :) Hope to talk to ya soon! Later!