Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Break

We are now on summer break!! Since I am home schooled we usually school through the summer and just take breaks when we need to. This is our break time...we are off for about 2 and a half weeks. We are going camping on Thursady and I am really hoping that it doesn't rain! HaHa!

My best friend Kaela is in Florida on vacation right now. She is going to be gone for another week and a half and I miss her! But texting is saving us from missing each other too much. =)

I thought I would write a little more about here are some of my favorite hobbies!
*sign language
*hanging out with my family and friends

I have a doggy named Nickel! And he is a yorkie. He is just like a little baby to me and I spoil him a lot! HeeHee! =)

I will try to post some pictures on here soon. That's another one of my hobbies! I love to take pictures! So I will try that soon!


  1. Hey Katie! Good to see you entering into the blogging world.

  2. Hi Bug! I REALLY like your blog site! So cool! Love you bunches.