Friday, May 9, 2014

i will rise, because the weak are made strong.

There's so much I need to say. So many people I need to thank. ...

This week was finals week for me. It was laid out kinda like this... Wednesday: Medical Surgical, Thursday: Behavioral Health, Friday: Pharmacology. I'm surprised I didn't just go insane. Seriously...the stress! But, as completely terrified as I was, I jumped in and prepared to conquer and kept my nose in a nursing book for a week straight.

But let me take a step back...
This semester. Gosh. It's been the hardest semester of my college career. By far. There were many tears shed. Many desperate prayers made. Many times I really didn't think I was going to make it through with passing grades. It was really rough.
Some of the roughness, I will admit, was my own fault. I didn't put in enough effort in the beginning of the semester and kind of dug myself into a hole. Some of the roughness came from my teachers. Some of the roughness came from life in general...sickness, family situations, etc. 
But MY GOD! My God is pretty amazing.
But I'm getting ahead of myself...

My hardest class this semester was Med Surg. I am not proud to admit, but I failed many a test in that class. I was back and forth from failing to passing to failing again. Honestly, mostly failing. (By the way, in nursing school you have to make a 78% to pass. Anything below is failing. A 77.9999 is failing.) I went into my 75 point final with a 78%. No wiggle room there. And I was so so nervous. Like, I think I might have to puke kind of nervous.
I passed that test with an 86%.
I came out of the testing room and was just so happy! I hugged the first person I saw. (Thank you Tamara for that hug.) And I raced across the parking lot so I could call my mom and dad (my biggest cheerleaders). I passed!

Thursday I had Behavioral Health and then Friday (today) Pharmacology. I passed them both. And I am a free lady! And in the fall I will be a third semester nursing student! Who knew!

I'll tell ya who... God knew. He knew all along.
He knew that this semester I needed to learn a few lessons...possibly the hard way. He knew that I was where I was supposed to be, even if I didn't know it. He knew that I could do it, even if I didn't think I could.

I came home from my last final today and ate lunch with my mom and just started crying. I remembered where I came from months ago with my grades to where I ended up and it's just overwhelming and it blows me away.

So...thank you's. I've got quite a few. You know, you really cannot do nursing school alone. You can't. It's impossible. These amazing people have surrounded me and supported me and I love them.

Thank you to my parents first of all. They have hugged me when I cried. They've lectured me when I needed it. They've prayed for me constantly. Loved me unconditionally. Thank you.
To my sister and best friend, Annie. I love that beautiful girl! She gave me pep talks. She quizzed me numerous nights, even though she was so tired and ready to go to bed. She bought me flowers on a rough day.
To my best friends, Bethany and Emily. Thank you for all the encouraging texts. Thank you for the prayers. Thank you for the hugs (even the ones given from miles away). I love you both dearly.
To my coworkers who cheered me on, Cyndi, Kayla, and Irina. My weekend buddies.
To my amazing, hardworking, smart, and funny classmates. Cordie, Robin, Haley, and so many many more. You all are going to make awesome nurses.
To my YouTube tutor, Michael Linares. You don't even know me, but your videos helped me incredibly! (If you are a nursing student you must look this guy up! So helpful!)
To Kathy, who took over my responsibilities at church with our small group for several weeks so I could stay home and study.
To my freshman girls who I have in small group. Thank you for praying for me and hugging me. You all are amazing girls and I love you.
To Tim and Miranda, my boss and supervisor at work. Thank you for giving me a month's leave of absence so I could focus completely on school.

Before and after all three of my finals I played Hillsong in my car. And I just worshipped. Because no matter what happened, God is good.

No power can stand against You. No curse assault Your throne. No one can steal Your glory. For it is Yours alone. I stand to sing Your praises. I stand to testify. For I was dead in my sin. But now I rise. I will rise, as Christ was raised to life. Now in Him, now in Him, I live.
-I Will Rise

Christ alone, Cornerstone. Weak made strong, in the Savior's love. Through the storm, He is Lord. Lord of all.
-Cornerstone year of nursing school down, one to go! I'm ready.

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