Monday, October 14, 2013

full of blessings

So an update.

In February I applied for a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) job at an assisted living. In order to keep my certification I had to work eight paid hours. I had zero and my deadline was a month away. Procrastination. I. Am. The. Worst.
Talk about a huge blessing when I got offered a job. Originally I was just thinking temporary. I had a job that I loved at the public library. But, after much thought and prayer, I took a big leap of faith and quit my job…before my first day at the new job. For a day or so I had a few, "Oh my gosh, what did I do!" moments. Haha!
But I love my new job. I'm helping people. Everyday. I'm doing what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. And, icing on the cake, I am able to get more hours and I get paid more for what I do.

In March I turned nineteen. I can't believe that in less than a year I will no longer be a teenager.
For my birthday I did something I've thought about doing for, gosh, probably about a year. I cut all of my hair off. Well, I say all…most of my hair.

It was a huge change. But I love it. It is so easy. So so easy. And it's me.

In May I went to see The Lion King Musical. Oh. My. Goodness. No words. It completely exceeded my expectations. I would put it up on my "top ten best experiences of my life" list.

In May I was accepted into my college's nursing program. Part of me was so excited. I was finally getting a real, tangible start on my career. Then, part of me was freaking out about starting school in August. Don't get me wrong, I really want to be a nurse. It has become my passion. But nursing school is tough! And as much as I desire my degree, it was still way out of my comfort zone. Could I really do this nursing thing?

I am half way through my first semester of nursing school. Yes, it is tough. But I'm doing it. And I'm loving it.

Twenty-thirteen is nearly over. We're already half way through October. So much has changed. I've learned so much.
Life can be hard.
Losing friends.

Sure. Life is hard.
But life is also so full of blessings. You just have to stop and look.
My sweet, sweet residents at work.
Encouraging words.
A beautiful sunset.
Friends at school.
The Word. (Have you ever read the book of Amos? New favorite.)
Answers to prayer.


Tell me. What's been up with you?

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