Saturday, December 22, 2012

it's about time

Gah. I've become such a terrible blogger. I believe an update is in order.

School is out. Thank you Lord! I don't think I've ever wanted a break so badly in my life. The past week in a half I've pretty much been a slug. Other than work, I've done nothing productive. Absolutely nothing. (Well...unless you count reading and watching tons of Netflix.) It's amazing.

I watched The Hobbit. It was absolutely fantastic. I haven't read the book. Actually, I haven't read anything relating to The Lord of the Rings. But I'm a die hard fan of the movies. And The Hobbit definitely lived up to The Lord of the Rings awesomeness.

With there being a lovely break from school, I made myself a list of things to do.
     1) Start guitar lessons. My sister who is amazing agreed to teach me. So far I know the A chord and the Em chord. We aren't real far along in our lessons, but we're getting there. Exciting!

     2) Read Les Misérables. I probably won't finish it during winter break. It's 1,463 pages. O_o But my goal is to finish before the new movie leaves theaters. I've been watching the trailer over and over. Gosh, it looks fabulous.

    3) Spend lots of time with this dear girl.
So far, Bethany and I have had a sleep over, watched lots of Doctor Who, and got our hair cut together. On Sunday we're eating out at Pizza Hut and exchanging Christmas gifts. Can't wait!

Christmas is in three days. THREE. And I don't even have all my shopping done. I'm such a slacker. I plan on finishing up this afternoon though. Hopefully. And wrapping everything. Hopefully.

Downton Abbey season three comes out on DVD on January 29th. And I'm #4 in the hold list at the library. Eek! Excited!

Well...that's all from me. How about you? How is your winter break going?

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  1. so glad to hear from you again! :) I haven't been doing anything really productive during break either, besides blogging, but I love being able to relax for once! :) and I have to watch the Hobbit, everybody says is great! oh and just to let you know I got a new blog: merry christmas dear! xoxo