Thursday, November 29, 2012

just writing...

It's been a while.

Today I had kinda a stinky day.  So I thought I'd log in and just write...just write.

School's almost over for the semester and I'm about to jump for joy.  Next week I have finals.  The only one I'm really worried about is my anatomy final.  It's the only one that's cumulative.  Cumulative-ness scares me a bit.  Will my brain be able to retain that much information?  Part of me thinks it's entirely impossible.  But this girl's gonna try!...and study herself crazy.

It is officially decided.  I have some ah-mazing friends.  Like mentioned above, I had kinda a stinky day.  Well, maybe a couple stinky a row.  And my superly fantastical, God given friends were there for me.  I love them.

Work has been swell.  Pretty consistent really.  Except that I am losing my best working buddy.  She's up and decided to move!  Shame on her.  Naw, joking, joking.  It's a good opportunity.  Best wishes to you, dearie.

So I'm reading back over this post and it's feeling pretty random and unorganized.  Aw well...

Hope you dearies have a splendid weekend. *smiles*


  1. So proud of you for getting through that anatomy class! You go, girl!