Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Long overdue...

Okay, so you know that promise I made like a month ago to post pictures of my new haircut?  That one that I kinda sorta forgot to fulfill?  Yeah, well I'm finally doing it!

Last night Annie and I were laying in bed and I said, "Tomorrow, can you take some pictures of my new hair?"  Being the great sister she is, she agreed to a little photo shoot this morning.

Now, not only did I get a couple inches off, but I've started experimenting with my hair a bit these last couple weeks.  I've been straightening it.


I know, I know.  But calm yourselves.  I've heard it looks pretty good.  Even a bit more mature.  Here's hoping. ;)

So, without further delay, I'll stop yapping...err, typing, and let you take a look.

This is my favorite.  New facebook profile picture?  I think so.

"I'm gonna jump.  You better get it!"

No worries.  She did.

Oh yeah.  Surfing the picnic table.  'Cause that's how I roll.

Any thoughts?  Any favorites?

Once again, all photo credit goes to my sister.  Thanks dearie.


  1. Love your 'new' hairstyle! <3 It looks great on you! :)

    eve @ essence of eve

  2. Love the new style! Straight looks great on you!! [:

  3. You look BEAUTIFUL, Katie!! <3 it!!!!! =)