Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A small note...from me.

What do you think about the change?

I, personally, am loving it! :-D

I won a blog design in Emily Grace's photo contest, Breathe, and she's been working on my design for the past little bit.  Big, huge, thank you to her! You can go check out her blogs here and here.

Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite thing about the new look.
Oh, and don't forget about my photo contest here!

And because I think this post needs a is one I found on weheartit.
  Anybody else super excited about fall nearly being here?


  1. It's awesome! I can't wait to see how mine'll turn out! :)

  2. It looks so cool! I love the header :)

  3. The new look is so you! I love how clean and simple it is. :)

  4. Aw, thanks, Katie! You're so very welcome. =D

    I'm planning on linking up to your photo challenge, but haven't had a chance yet.

    I am so excited for fall!!! Leaves crisp and colorful, sweaters fuzzy warm, and the air full of change--some of my favorite things about fall. =D Now if only the rain would stop...

    Have a wonderful evening, Katie!

    Love in Christ,
    Emily Grace

  5. I can't see all of the post..but I like it!!

  6. I really like your new design! For some reason it shows up to the side so the whole thing doesn't fit in the screen. Maybe that's because I'm using a netbook. It won't let me scroll over:( Come follow me!

  7. Love the picture! And your new blog design! <3!

  8. I love the new layout! =D And yes, I am VERY excited for fall! Aaah... my favorite season. The leaves, the hot coffee, the boots and scarves, the bon fires, the freezing football games, the pumpkins... can't hardily wait.

  9. When do we know the winner of the photo contest? Answer on my blgo and at yours as I do nto know which i will check first. Love your layout. I too am a fan of falll- who is not?")

  10. Savories of Life: It should be sometime this week. I'm sorry it's taken so long...I've been really busy.

    And thank you everybody! I'm glad you all like the new look. :)