Friday, September 30, 2011

le happy

my sister <3
florida in 9 days!!!
fall break
the library
sweet tea
"the lion king"
new tv shows
e-mailing emily
free music
the message bible
"christ is risen" by matt maher
this photo...

Linking up with Jocee over at Cupcake Dictionary.  What's making you happy today?


  1. florida!? you lucky girl. ohmybeetcake i love the lion king!! the bestest movie ever :D
    great post :))
    -jocee <3
    {pee ess: free music is always a great time, too :)}

  2. Reading this made me happy just thinking about all the reasons why I'm happy... lol =) Here's my list:

    *A book that I've been waiting for months to come out came in the mail the other day =) ("There You'll Find Me" by Jenny B. Jones in case you're wondering)
    *It's Friday!
    *My sister (haven't seen in over two months) is coming tonight andd we are going to the Taylor Swift & Needtobreathe concert tomorrow! Aahh<3
    *I get to see my boyfriend tomorrow =)
    *This amazing Caribou coffee that I'm drinking
    *Country music that I've been listening to recently...
    *The retreat that I'm going on next week in the mountains<3
    *Cowboy boots and fall clothes

    What a great way to put yourself in an optimistic mood =) Thanks!