Thursday, May 19, 2011

You know you're growing up when...

when your mom says it's officially ok for you to wear eyeliner.

In moderation of course. ;)  I'm not really a fan of heavy make up.

when you're starting a list of colleges you'd like to look at and possibly attend.
Right now, this college is #1 on my list when I finish at the community college.

{not my image}

They have a pretty sweet mascot. ;)

{not my image}

when your driving test is right around the corner and you'll be able to legally drive independently.

{not my image}

I don't think my mom will let me drive independently just yet...but I will be able to when she lets me!  Whoopy! 

when you watch younger relatives grow up.
These are my baby cousins.  That aren't really babies any more. :( 

when you realize you only have one more year...
One more year of church and home school youth group.  One more year of youth praise band.  One more year of high school.
One more year of kidhood.  (<---Yes I made that word up.)  O_O

But there are also positive things to this.  One more year 'til I can join the adult church choir.  One more year 'til graduation (which equals a big party).  One more year 'til I'm 18 (which equals another big party).  So, yeah, I guess growing up isn't all that bad. ;)

What makes you feel like an 'almost grown up'?  Tehe ;)


  1. Growing up is such a bittersweet feeling for me. I think being the youngest it's going to be even harder, knowing that once I leave the house it'll just be my parents from then on. =/ But I love the sensation of endless possibilities being ahead - the feeling knowing that very soon I'll be completely independent, going into the next season of my life. =) And I always love the beginning of new seasons. It's just the ending of the other season that's the hardest. So yes, bittersweet feeling definitely. But I'm excited! Because I know that God will be with me every step of the way. =)

  2. Well, receiving my college Fall schedule in the mail yesterday certainly made me feel almost grown up. And scared. And happy. And nervous. And excited. :)

  3. When I don't laugh at things I used to find hysterical.
    When things and places aren't the way I remember them to be (especially when places used to seem so big and now I think they're small...).
    When I work at places I used to go to when I was younger.
    When I remember that I can't pack anything to do in the car because I'll be driving.

    I miss those things, but growing up has its good points too. It just seems harder to find them, because change is difficult. =)

    Love in Christ,

  4. Wow, look at us! We are all growing up! It's definitely bittersweet. I remember going to my favorite resturant as a kid & now I work there. I remember being little & asking my mom if I can steer the car's wheel & now I'm already on the road myself. College is around the corner & I never thought all this would get here so soon!

    Love the post!

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  6. Hey Katie!! :)

    I have always had mixed emotions about growing up. lol :) Sometimes I think about it, and can't wait! Other times I think about it, and dread it. But nonetheless I thank God for every day He blesses me with and I look forward to the wonderful years ahead of me!

    And much like you, I have a year left until I graduate, so I've still got some time to be a "kid". ;D


  7. Growing up is exciting and sometimes bittersweet. I am in college and just completed my first year...hard to believe! Are you planning on going to Western Kentucky University?

  8. Stacie: I just finished my first year of college too. I've been taking nursing courses and love it!
    Yes, I'd really love to go to Western Kentucky University someday. :)