Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Signs of Spring

Wanna come on a walk with me through my backyard?  Okey dokey, here we go to find signs of spring! ;)

My abandoned shoes and socks.

My bare feet out in the 70 degree weather with the green grass poking between my toes.

Such a beautiful blue sky.

Daffodils growing in the yard.

Our grass is getting tall again.  Ready to be mowed.

Yep.  It's confirmed.  Spring is officially here. :)

Are you seeing the same spring signs as I am?  Any different ones?


  1. Oh, thanks for the walk, Katie! It felt good to feel the sunshine and go barefoot. hehe!
    If I stepped outside right now I would have to grab my coat and boots first--we've got several inches of snow with more on the way! =,( tear.
    Spring will be here soon, though. The daffodils are still hoping as they brave the snow, I guess I can too. =)
    Enjoy your sunshine! =D

    Love in Christ,

  2. This is beautiful. Yes, I am beginning to see many of the same signs of spring: flowers, blue skies, warm weather with cool breezes, the sound of lawn mowers and the smell of grass, crickets chirping outside my window at night... and, of course, the bees won't stop reminding me that spring has now arrived. Lol =)

  3. So nice! Are those Birkenstocks I see? I love Birkenstocks, I'm wearing mine right now! I just went outside and took pics of the flowers and grass too! Such a lovely time to take photos! Hope you're having a great day!

  4. Emily, you're very welcome. Hehe! ;)

    Tessa, thank you! Ooo that weather sounds fabulous! Hope you're enjoying it. :)

    Kayla, I don't think they're Birkenstocks... I bought them at Walmart a couple years back. They're super comfy!


  5. There's still a ton of snow where I live! I might be able to see a little grass near the sidewalk, but that's about it. :) However, spring is coming closer! Most days I can see little puddles! The sky is blue and it's super bright today. The sun is gaining strength! :)