Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

"Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, thy leaves are so unchanging..."

So, sadly, we had to break tweak our Christmas tree tradition. The place we get our Christmas tree apparently closes early on Thanksgiving we had to wait 'til the day after Thanksgiving.

Logan: "Why can't we go to the woods and cut down our own tree?"
Annie: "We don't have an ax."
Me: "We don't have a woods."

So, we did the next best thing and went down the street to the Kroger store. ;)  Here's some pictures of us getting our tree and decorating...

Here's us, with our beautiful real tree. :)


So, we have a little tradition in our house.  Ya know how everybody wants to put up the star?  'Cause it goes on top and is 'important'? lol  Well, we take turns.  Every year is somebody else's turn.  And we go in birth order.  This year was Zachary's turn.  (Also...another little tradition.  Dad has always picked us up.  Haha!)

Last year was my turn.  Here's me putting up the star. :)

We're done!  Our tree may not be the 'prettiest' but it's made up of years of memories.  From home made crafts to funny ornaments we picked out as kids.  I love it!

I have one amazing family.  Just sayin'. ;)  (And yes, I'm on my brother's back. lol)
Merry Christmas, everybody!


  1. This is so cute! I love Christmas trees :)
    The last picture is so sweet!

  2. aw :) i love decorating the Christmas tree! looks like you had a ton of fun!

    blessings always & forever,
    anna :)