Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Break, Part 3: Concert

The big finale to our vacation was... *drum roll*...a Matthew West and Josh Wilson concert!! It was so great! Also, a little info: Matthew West is sorda favorite musician ever. ;) So, just ask Annie, I was squealing with excitement and squeezing her arm when he came out on stage. Haha!

Josh Wilson:

Josh Wilson started the show. He was really great! He didn't have a band with him so he did a one man band thing. He had this cool gadget where he could play something, record it right on the spot, and then play it back. Really neat!

Matthew West:
Matthew West was really awesome! The first part of the concert, he played several of his hit songs. He came out at the beginning rocking out to "The Motions." ;)

{Sorry the pictures are kinda blurry.}

The second part of the concert was called "The Story of Your Life." I don't know if any of you heard about what Matthew West did with his newest album. He stayed in a cabin for 2 months and asked his fans (or anybody) to send in 'the story of their life'. He based every song on his new album on someone's story. Pretty neat! I actually sent in my story to him. Along with 10,000 other people. There was one part in the show where numbers on the projection screen counted all the way up to 10,000. I was sitting in my seat thinking, "I'm one of those numbers. That's me up there."

After the concert I was very excited to find out that Matthew West was going to be out signing autographs. So, we waited in line to meet him. When we got up near the front I leaned over to Mom and said, "I am two people away from my favorite musician." ;)
When it was our turn we walked up and I gave him a CD to sign and told him my name. Then I told him that I had sent him my story. He said, "I read your story." That was really cool to hear! I mean, I knew that he had read it. He read all of them. But to hear was cool! On our way out, he nudged me and told me thanks for sending my story. It was awesome!

So, that's the last part of our fall break vacation. It was the biggest vacation we've been on in a really long time. We all had a great time!
Thanks for coming along on my trip through my blog. I hope you enjoyed it. :)
The End


  1. I'm a huge Josh Wilson fan... I love the "3 minute song" *sigh*... Josh Wilson.... :P

    Glad you had fun!


  2. I saw Matthew West on an Alaskan cruise over the summer! I like his song "The Motions".

  3. that is so cool! i love both matthew west and josh wilson :D and that is even cooler that he actaully read your story!

    blessings && smiles,
    anna :)

  4. Sounds like you had so much fun! That's so neat you met Matthew West!

  5. That is so awesome!!!! I'm so happy that you got to meet Matthew West!

  6. I love Matthew West! He's also one of my favorite artists. I had no idea that every song on his album was based off someone's life story. That's awesome!