Thursday, September 2, 2010

Less than 10 Dollars

What can you get for less than ten bucks? Well, this year for me, it was school supplies. Are you wondering how? I'll show you. :)
I found these folders with Bible verses on them in a two-pack for $2.50 at Walmart. Love them!

I bought the white binder for $1.78 and then used things I already had, such as the ribbon, stickers, and colored card stock, to decorate it the way I wanted.

$0.25 notebooks! Oh yeah!

This backpack was free, courtesy of a friend. (I haven't had to use a backpack since 4th grade...what a weird feeling!) You may be saying, "I can't go around asking my friends for a backpack, Katie." Check out your local consignment shops or Goodwill store. You can find barely used name brands pretty easy sometimes for great prices.

I hope everyone has a great school year!


  1. I wanted to say thank you for checking out my blog! I love yours. First post I read of yours and I'm in! I love those verse folders. I think I'm gonna go check em' out.

  2. Ohh thank you!! I really like your blog too! :)
    Hehe, I love my folders. ;)