Monday, May 17, 2010

Sun Chip Crumbs

I'm sitting here in my room on my computer. Facebook, Yahoo, checking the blogs I follow...ya know, the norm. But! I have a new bag of Sun Chips here with me! ;) Sun Chips are not a chip that I normally eat...I'm not a big chip person. But when I do eat them, I like Wavy Lay's. Anyway, I was eating my Sun Chips and I realized after a few chips that it was impossible to fit a whole chip in my mouth. That I'd have to bite it in half. And when I did that guess what happened? Crumbs! Guess who loves crumbs? My dogs! Haha! So, Nickel and Nellie Mae both were standing at the foot of my chair eating up all the crumbs I dropped.

As you can see, I delite in the little pleasures in life. Or....I just need more interesting things to blog about. Sun Chip crumbs could be stretching it a bit. LOL ;)

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